15,000+ Australian Suburbs Data to Power Your Investment Decisions

Elevate your investment strategy to new heights. SuburbsFinder stands as the ultimate end-to-end solution, seamlessly guiding you through every intricate step of your advance investment journey. From precise suburb selection to meticulous property curation, experience a level of excellence that aligns with the sophistication of your investment strategy. Predict cashflow and capital growth confidently with 30-year forecasting feature, and make decisions that stand the test of time and position your investments for success.

Secure Success with 30-Year Forecasting

Maintain your competitive edge. SuburbsFinder positions you as a forward-thinking investor with its unique 30-year forecasting feature. Anticipate cashflow and capital growth with confidence, empowering you to make decisions that are not just advanced but strategically future-proofed for the complexities of the real estate market.

Find Investment Grade Properties Faster

Partner with a platform that meets your advanced needs. SuburbsFinder is more than a tool; it's your committed ally in ensuring your continued success as an advanced investor. Benefit from tools and insights that complement your advanced approach, providing the support needed for confident and strategic decision-making.

piyush wagji
piyush wagji
Suburbsfinder is the best property tool. All the data is well presented is a very easy to interpret reports. You can compare 5 Suburbs side by side, which makes it very easy to make decisions based on data. It’s very user friendly and they have lots of videos for anyone trying to understand how to use it. Gilbert has done an excellent job and is very supportive if you have any questions. Highly recommended for anyone involved in property investing.
Nafiz Hoque
Nafiz Hoque
I can't emphasize enough how Suburbs Finder has been an absolute game-changer to find the investment hot spots. This innovative tool has transformed the way I approach the daunting task of choosing the right suburb for property investing research. User-friendly and super easy to use.
Chang Rick
Chang Rick
A user-friendly and effective system. Fast response to queries
Emil Kozina
Emil Kozina
This is a game-changer for suburb market analysis. Its intuitive interface and robust data tracking provide invaluable insights.
Julie Bebbington
Julie Bebbington
Suburbs Finder is an important part of my tool kit as a buyer's agent. The data is easy to access, with an easy to learn, well considered user interface. My clients are benefiting from the data and information I can provide when looking for high growth suburbs in SE Queensland. Thanks Gilbert and the team!
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
This is by far the best research and data tool for property. So happy I made the switch from multiple other programs and subscriptions. Thanks for the great product
Rohit Gehlot
Rohit Gehlot
Suburb Finder is one of the best tools for property investors who are keen to take their property portfolio to the next level with growth. Data points at your fingertips to make good financial decisions is a game changer. Gilbert has done an amazing job building this platform and I can't thank him enough. Highly recommended to all serious investors.
Krishan Asre
Krishan Asre
Amazing platform that allows my team and I to run a very quick and efficient location analysis. It allows us to create our own custom search criteria with indicators we use for our investor clients to identify potential hotspots. Gilbert has been amazing in helping Braye Property and the team with even going as far as adding further information into the platform to save us the need to interchange between other data sources. Definitely a must have for any investor operating in the residential scene.
Michael Simms
Michael Simms
This is by far one of the best platforms to identify investment grade opportunities. As a buyers agent, I am always looking for an edge for my clients when assessing investment grade properties. Fantastic features allows me to do this

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Core Features

Filter all 15,000+ Australian suburbs 50+ Data Metrics

Save up to 40 fully customised dashboards

Government Spending & Infrastructure data - Watch Demo Video

Submitted Development Applications - Watch Demo Video

Rooming House, Boarding House, and Co-Living data - Watch Demo Video

Cashflow Feasibility Tool - Save up to 20 feasibilities & save as PDF - Watch Demo Video

Portfolio Analyser - Save up to 20 portfolios & save as PDF - Watch Demo Video

Bushfire Zone, Flood Zone, Land Zoning Planning Layers - Watch Demo Video

Premium Suburb Intelligence Report - Watch Demo Video

Suburb Market Demand Report and ICSEA School Report - Watch Demo Video

White Label All our Reports - Your Brand, Your Logo, Our Reports - Watch Demo Video

Access 20+ Years of Census Housing & Demographics data - Watch Demo Video

Access to More Supply, Demand, and Demographics Data

Property Market Heat Map - Watch Demo Video

Suburb Analytics - Watch Demo Video

Portfolio Planner - Watch Demo Video

Investment Property Analyser - Watch Demo Video



One list of data providing endless investment opportunities!

Within seconds, by just filtering and sorting, you’ll be able to identify which suburbs

  • Have a median price of below $500k or any amount you’re willing to invest
  • Have More than 8% Average Annual Growth
  • Have More than 6% Rental Yield
  • Have Less than 3% Vacancy Rate
  • Have a High Demand for Renting Out Rooms
  • Have a High Online Search's Buyer Demand
  • Have a Good Mix of Demographics

Core Features

Described by many users as the Cookie Cutter for finding the best suburbs to buy investment properties! People are finding our products very easy to use, helping them on their day-to-day research on suburbs with good capital growth and cashflow.

Online Listing Market Demand

Average Annual Growth

Median Price

Median Rent

Rental Yield

Vacancy Rate

Number of Sales

Days on Market

Percentage of Renter / Owner Occupier

Median Number of People Looking for a Room

Median Number of Rooms Advertised Online

Median Rent for a Room


Median Weekly Household Income

Median Monthly Mortgage Repayments

Portfolio Planning & Strategy

"Is every city/town/village included?" and other FAQs

Is every city/town/village included?

All suburbs that have sufficient sales are listed in the data, with no duplicates. It contains both urban localities (cities, towns, villages and suburbs) plus dispersed rural communities. All states and territories are covered in the data.

Why are there suburbs that have 'No Data'?

We do not report figures for geographical areas where the number of new bonds or sales is 10 or less for a particular month because there's not enough data to make the report statistically sufficient.

How often is the data updated?

The dashboard data median price, median rent, rental yield, capital growth, vacancy rate, median number of people looking for a room, median number of advertised rooms online, median price for a room, and more are regularly updated every month.

Can I customise the dashboards and graphs based on the insights I need?

Every individual has a particular way of analysing data that is why we made sure that our dasboards are fully customisable. Users can set filters on all data, arrange the order of data, hide data that are of less interest, and save filter settings and graphs. Users can also create default settings for easy referencing the next time they log in.

How reliable is the data?

SuburbsFinder collects and aggregates public information from different government websites, property sale and rental listings, and from different property agents across Australia. Suburbs Finder modifies, transforms and reconfigures the collected data to create, collate, compile, produce and provide content and SuburbsFinder Products.

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