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How SuburbsFinder Helps Home Buyers

When buying a home, many people considers the location of available amenities specially Schools and Child Care Centres.

SuburbsFinder not only enables you to find locations to buy your home that is within your budget, but it also shows in the MAP how close the schools and child care centres from the properties for sale in those suburbs.

There’s also an opportunity to turn your home into an investment property in the future. Doing suburb research and due diligence will provide good returns down the road; to ensure the property can help provide long-term growth and security for you and your family.

Our fully customisable tool does all the heavy lifting, filtering all 15,000+ Australian suburbs based on Price Range and other requirements allowing home buyers to find and research properties in minutes.

SuburbsFinder is expert in saving you time and money. It also maximises the potential returns of your home by buying in the RIGHT location.

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Looking for an Easy Way to get Property Market Research Insights?

Stop bouncing between multiple property websites, this tool is for you. This could be you:

This is why SuburbsFinder exists: We give property investors like you the ability to get all the information you need in one place, a fully customisable property research and analytics tool that shortens the research workflow in identifying which 15,200+ suburbs across Australia are the best locations to buy investment properties based on your requirements and goals, either Capital Growth or Cash Flow or BOTH!

  • Imagine keeping up with important trends and knowing exactly when to buy investment property in an area about to experience growth.
  • Imagine getting more than 5% Yield every time you buy an investment property.
  • Imagine having all the wisdom you need to support every investment decision you make.
  • Imagine having complete confidence with every strategy and tactic you implement.
  • Imagine growing your property portfolio to 5 properties within 5 years.
  • Imagine knowing you are up-to-date with everything that matters to minimise risks every time you buy an investment property.

“Is every city/town/village included?” and other FAQs

Is every city/town/village included?

All suburbs that have sufficient sales are listed in the data, with no duplicates. It contains both urban localities (cities, towns, villages and suburbs) plus dispersed rural communities. All states and territories are covered in the data.

Why are there suburbs that have 'No Data'?

We do not report figures for geographical areas where the number of new bonds or sales is 10 or less for a particular month.

How often is the data updated?

The dashboard data median price, median rent, rental yield, capital growth, vacancy rate, median number of people looking for a room, median number of advertised rooms online, median price for a room, and more are regularly updated every month.

Can I customise the dashboards and graphs based on the insights I need?

Every individual has a particular way of analysing data that is why we made sure that our dasboards are fully customisable. Users can set filters on all data, arrange the order of data, hide data that are of less interest, and save filter settings and graphs. Users can also create default settings for easy referencing the next time they log in.

How reliable is the data?

Suburbs Finder collects and aggregates public information from different government websites, property sale and rental listings, and from different property agents across Australia. Suburbs Finder modifies, transforms and reconfigures the collected data to create, collate, compile, produce and provide content and Suburbs Finder Products.