Metropolitan Suburbs: Below $500k Median, Above 5% Rental Yield

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Purchasing investment properties in the major metropolitan areas is often a more common choice as there is a higher demand for housing. Typically, in metropolitan areas closer to the city, transport, infrastructure, jobs, schools, Universities and city culture, the capital growth over time tends to be higher. However, the purchase price will be notably higher as well. And so will the upfront costs such as the deposit. Plus,if you are unable to obtain a tenant straight away, you will need to factor in some extra cash to cover the mortgage repayments as well while waiting for it to be rented out.

Metropolitan areas are considered a higher entry point for investors. As in most instances, there is a need for investors to ‘top up’ their mortgage repayments each month, as the rent they are receiving is lower than the mortgage payment, or cost of ownership of the property.

So why choose metropolitan areas still?

Property investments are considered to be a long term commitment. Therefore choosing the right property and location in the beginning will determine how successful the investment will be. Purchase price is just one factor to consider. Population growth, rental yields and housing demand are others factors that need to be considered as well. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2012 the population in major cities of NSW was 5,395,212 people whereas the inner and outer regional areas were 1,855,774 people.

You see, metropolitan and regional markets both have benefits and pitfalls. And it is really hard to determine a clear winner for the best property investment if you don’t have enough data. That is why, it is really vital that you get as much information and understanding of the locations to invest in when finding the right property. As you’ll be surprised that there are actually areas that are close enough from metropolitan areas that are affordable, yielding higher rent, and with good capital growth too.

Where is the best place to buy a property? What are the best suburbs to invest in? Where can you buy property for below $500,000? These are the most common questions property investors ask and it involves a lot of time researching to find answers to all of these.

The good news is, we’ve already done the hard work for you. Within seconds, you’ll be able to identify which metropolitan suburb you should buy a property in based on the amount of money that you are willing to invest.

By just filtering and sorting, you’ll be able to identify the best Metropolitan suburbs to invest in Australia

  • Have a median price that will suit the amount you’re willing to invest, especially the suburbs with a median of $500k and below
  • Have Good Demographics
  • Have More than 5% Annual Capital Growth
  • Have More than 5% Rental Yield
  • Have Less than 3% Vacancy Rate
  • And MORE!
How to Find High Yield Suburbs within Seconds

It is the most comprehensive investment location report of all suburbs in Australia – with linked state, suburb, postcode, median property value, average annual growth, median rent, gross rental yield, vacancy rate, population, gross weekly income, median monthly mortgage repayments and more. It’s the perfect tool for property investors, buyer’s agents, real estate agents, property managers, mortgage brokers, valuers, and even property developers.

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